Crystalmood Lignum-vitae Wood Wide-Tooth Hair Comb with Handle Review

Crystalmood Lignum-vitae Wood Wide-Tooth Hair Comb with Handle

  • USA company. Fast USPS shipping from Crystalmood’s warehouse in Nebraksa, US.
  • Material: lignum-vitae wood
  • 7.25″ long, 2″ tall; 3″ long handle; teeth part is about 3.5″ wide and 1″- 1.35″ long.
  • All measurements are approximate and are provided for informational purposes only.
  • Wooden hairsticks or combs should not be in exposure to direct sunshine for long time. They should not be in water either (e.g. in shower). Keep them dry. Apply walnut oil and wipe/polish with soft fabric once a month would be the best. Do not oil if its

An epitome of sleek and simplicity, this comb is ideally your best companion. Especially designed for curly hair, this wide tooth comb embraces the feature that is uniquely special. This comb has simple details, crafted from natural lignum-vitae wood, and polished with great care for that extra touch of refined quality. It has a plump handle for easy combing. Its teeth are spaced wider between each other and it has rounded tips. This wide tooth facet is simply the best for ultra sensitive scalp and curly hair that are fragile and prone to breakage. About Lignum-vitae Wood: “Wood of Life”. Lignum-vitae is an extremely dense wood which sinks in water. It is one of the heaviest densest wood in the world. Beautiful black green and brown grain. Turns like plastic in the lathe. The fine texture of the wood grain is especially suitable for intricate carving. It features slight sandalwood fragrance. Lignum-vitae has a yellowish green color when it’s freshly cut and turns to dark green gradually while under sunshine or light for 24 hours or more. It contains rich protein which causes white crystallized stuff on the surface sometimes. People often thinks it got moldy. But they won’t smell anything unpleasant. Actually the color changing and white crystal are two important facts that differ this kind of rare wood from faked ones.

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