TAN MUJIANG Handcraft Natural Wood Hair Combs Accesory For Women, Men, brides, Curly Hair, Straight hair (Light color) Review

TAN MUJIANG Handcraft Natural Wood Hair Combs Accesory For Women, Men, brides, Curly Hair, Straight hair (Light color)

  • [HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL]: Made from high quality Boxwood with with Natural Pattern Variations
  • [EXTREMELY PORTABLE]: 4.72inch * 1.97inch * 0.31inch, moderate size, easy to carry.
  • [QUALITY GUARANTEED]: The hobbing process, using TAN MUJIANG self-made patented equipment to create a comb with uniform tooth pitch, The cutting surface is smooth without barbs, Hang thorn, product quality is guaranteed.
  • [BENEFITS]: Improve blood action, protect and stimulate scalp from hurts, bring comfortable massage.
  • [HAIR TYPES]: Suitable for all hair types,curly or straight,long or short,thick or thin,dry or wet etc.


➤This products are made from imported materials by hand, with fine-grained texture and strong quality, they have even color and luster and display obvious material texture, with appropriate luster, comfortable hand feel and harmonious matching, There are appear steady, lucid, smooth and pragmatic.

➤You can send it to lovers, relatives, friends, and yourself.

➤NATURAL AND HANDMADE– Every single hair brush from TAN MUJIANG will make more than 40 handmade processes and promise high-quality. We use boxwood without static. Material properties: glossy, slight odor, staggered texture, fine and uniform structure.
➤FREE SCALP MASSAGE– The wooden hair brush adopted air cushion design, according to the intensity of brushing hair, it will have different degree of massage function.
➤REMOVE TANGLES– These long wooden pins can gently get rid of tangles and reduce the amount of hair frizz. Moreover, it can make your hair more shiny.

Color: Each comb is made of natural wood, so there will be a slight color difference, if you mind, please consider careful before buying. Thank u.

➤Storage:Please place it in the tabletop or dressing table after use, and do not store it with sundries. Otherwise, the comb may be deformed and not easily restored.
➤Maintenance:If the corner comb is bent or deformed due to improper use or moisture in the storage place, it can be blown with an hair dryer, and then put a heavy on it a period of time to restore it.
➤Clean:Rinse with cold water, do not soak for a long time, use soft brush and neutral detergent to decontaminate, wipe with a dry towel, dry naturally in a ventilated place, do not expose to the sun.

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