Kent FOT 4 1/2″ 113 mm Handmade Comb. All Fine Pocket Comb (2 PACK) Review

Kent FOT 4 1/2

  • Country of origin: India
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

Size:2 PACK

This listing is for a pack of (2) Kent “A FOT” handmade fine-tooth pocket combs.

The Kent “A FOT” handmade pocket comb is made from 100 percent cellulose acetate and comes with fine teeth which is ideal styling medium to fine textured hair. This small pocket comb will provide gentle and non-scratch treatment of the hair and scalp.

Kent hand sawn combs are cut from large sheets of cellulose acetate rather than molded, producing a truly gentle comb (whereas molded combs often snag and damage the hair). This material is tactile, flexible, and strong. Kent combs glide effortlessly through hair without scratching to damaging the hair or scalp and feature rounded teeth which ensure a smooth and comfortable action.

Founded in 1777, Kent Brushes are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturer. Kent’s success has been built upon their rich British heritage as well as their high-quality service and haircare expertise. Having manufactured brushes for over 230 years, Kent Brushes offer an extensive choice of over 250 products ranging from brushes for hair, body, clothes, make-up, teeth, and shaving.

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