Evolatree Wood Comb for Hair – Handmade Natural Wooden Combs with Anti-static & No Snag – Detangle Pocket Comb, Wide Tooth, 5″ Review

Evolatree Wood Comb for Hair - Handmade Natural Wooden Combs with Anti-static & No Snag - Detangle Pocket Comb, Wide Tooth, 5

  • ✦ THE ULTIMATE SELECTION OF PREMIUM WOODEN COMBS – Strong and built to last, handmade with Lignum Vitae (Green Sandalwood) or Purpleheart woods, both known as some of the hardest woods in the world. The work of a true craftsman
  • ✦ FIND THE PERFECT COMB WIDTH FOR ALL HAIR TYPES – Whether your hair type is short or long, curly or straight, thick, thin, coarse or dense, these well weighted wooden combs will glide easily through the most unruly hair.
  • ✦ THE BEST USE, THE RIGHT TOOTH – Use wider width comb for curls, detangle, create shape and volume, finish up with finer width comb for fine detailing and creative style. Let your imagination run wild, not your hair
  • ✦ NO STATIC ANTI FRIZZ – ALL NATURAL NO PLASTICS – Unlike combs made from plastic or synthetic materials, Wood or Horn teeth do not generate an electric charge while combing, thus reducing excessive drying, breakage, and split ends. The porous nature of the materials enables the comb to absorb the natural oils from the roots of your hair, and transfer them to condition the drier lengths and ends.
  • ✦ TREAT YOURSELF or MAKE IT THE PERFECT GIFT – Exquisite beauty and craftsmanship, these combs work as ideal for personal use or gifts for him or her, friends and relatives, brides and bridesmaids

Design:Detangle Pocket Comb, Wide Tooth, 5″

Product Design & Traditional Medicine Theory
Our wood and horn combs are hand-crafted using all natural materials that possess properties beneficial to the health and wellness of your hair. Our combs are ergonomically shaped, easy to grip, and comfortable to handle. The ends of the combs’ teeth have been softly rounded to comfortably massage your scalp. This helps to improve blood circulation while gently exfoliating your skin, thereby promoting hair growth, health and longevity of your hair and scalp. Combing daily not only plays a great role in the treatment of hair shedding, but can also make your hair brighter and cleaner.

Materials, Fragrant Wood & Natural Aromatic Aroma
Lignum Vitae Wood (Vegan) (often referred to as Green Sandalwood) has a beautiful natural aromatic fragrance that calms the mind, soothes the soul, stress and tension. Also know as one of the hardest densest woods in the world.
Purpleheart Wood (Vegan) Though not a scented wood, it has its own unique property. No artificial dyes, it’s color is completely natural! Becomes more vibrant, deeper purple with age
Ox Horn Made of keratin, the same material as human hair. Allows your hair to keep its natural oils.

Cleaning, Maintenance & Useful Tips
For a quick clean, simply take a dry or lightly damp cloth to wipe clean any hair product or residues from conditioner shampoo hair spray moose gels and oils. For best care and cleaning over time, use natural oils like Jojoba Oil or Camellia Oil. To bring shine and luster to your hair, apply a few drops of the camellia oil to the teeth of the comb before combing, With care, your comb is durable enough to last a lifetime.

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